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Rider physiotherapy on the mechanical horse

I am so excited to be working with Racewood equestrian simulators at their HQ in Tarporley, Cheshire providing rider physiotherapy sessions! My inner physio geek is loving it! I am such a big believer in the rider being as balanced and symmetrical as they can be and all the information gathered from the rein, leg, saddle sensors give such great information and data to work with.

Posture and simulator information as part of rider physiotherapy assessment on mechanical eventer or dressage horse
Rider physiotherapy on mechanical horse

As an experienced Chartered Physiotherapist and Equine Physiotherapist I look at your position and movement differently to how an instructor would in the initial rider physiotherapy assessment. I will take your musculoskeletal and medical history and any specific riding concerns you have will be discussed. We will then assess your standing posture, movement, symmetry, strengths and weaknesses on the ground.

This will be followed by an introduction and safety talk about the horse simulator on the mechanical eventing horse. During the introduction you will get used to the feel of the mechanical horse and go through all the paces before having a 90 second test which will assess your position in the different gaits. This provides us with a screen shot as below:

Saddle, rein and leg sensors on mechanical horse
Eventer simulator test data

We can then discuss the findings and then may do further tests without stirrups or reins to provide additional information as to how you ride. Its also really important to have photos and videos taken when you are riding as the computer gives us data that doesnt provide any information about your posture or how you ride.

Depending on what you want to work on the session will be completely tailored to you. This may involve hands on physiotherapy treatment or rehabilitation exercises, training on the horse to work on the imbalances. It may involve further assessment of your riding, looking specifically at dressage/cross country/show jumping.

At the end we will re do the initial test so can compare your riding at the start and end of your session and see the improvements! You will go home with a few floor based exercises and ideas for when riding so you can continue the improvements made so far. The before and after photos and videos will also be sent to you.

You will need an initial assessment before being able to have a joint session with a friend.

A group introduction session (max 4 people) is available for riders have a go on the simulator- you will get used to the mechanical horse, have the tests to assess your position when riding, have 1-2 exercises to try on the ground before getting back on the horse to put what you have practiced into play and seeing how your riding position has improved. Once you have completed this session you are entitled to 20% off the initial assessment.

Mechanical horse rider physiotherapy sessions at Racewood HQ in Tarporley, Cheshire
Rider Physiotherapy Mechanical Horse Prices


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