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Hard work with equine physiotherapy exercises do pay off! Feeling proud :-)

Equine physiotherapy success
The hard work pays off! How equine physiotherapy helps when you commit to exercises

Had two horses today who have come on leaps and bounds with equine physiotherapy treatment and rehabilitation. In hand exercising is hard work and time consuming for owners but you can see great results when the plan is followed!

First time for Jackie on Jimmy today following a long time not riding and 3 months since we first started physiotherapy. Hes done brilliantly with the long reining (straight, lateral work) in hand hill and pole work and can now kick on with his ridden rehab. Long way to go but definitely heading in the right direction.

Harrys owners have been brilliant at doing the rehab circuit in the outdoor arena using trotting poles, raised poles and traffic cones for lateral bending (good improvisation!) Hopefully if he keeps improving at the same rate we can assess him being ridden at the next session.


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