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Exciting new physiotherapy service!

Pegasus is happy to announce that we now offer telephone physiotherapy appointments! This can help you if you are currently in pain or have an injury or would like some guidance for an exercise program for your sport or following a period of inactivity.

Why have we done this?

Lots of patients struggle to find the time for physiotherapy appointments or just want guidance on rehabilitation, exercising or returning to sports after pain or an injury.

How will it work?

The initial call will last 30-45 mins and we will take a full history of your injury or problem in addition to your personal goals so we can develop an individual exercise program. We will discuss what facilities/equipment you have access to so we know that the program will be fully accessible for you to do.

There will then be 4 follow up calls over a 2-4 month period where the exercises will be progressed.

All this for £75. Book in now for your initial assessment to get on the road to recovery.

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