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Happy to be sponsoring Gina Lomas Equestrian this season!

Having worked closely with Gina with her horses and clients I am happy to announce that Pegasus Physiotherapy will be sponsoring her as she begins her eventing journey this season.

She is a brilliant horsewoman and has been in the riding and teaching industry for over 15 years. Having recently returned from working in high goal Polo in Australia, after previously running her own livery yard and riding school on Anglesey, she has a wealth of equestrian knowledge. Having taught Pony Club in Jamaica and the UK, in addition to the UKKC Level 2 qualification, I know she has fantastic coaching skills (which have helped me to improve too!). I love working with her and her clients as she also focuses on the rider, horse and then horse and rider interaction as separate components.

She is an instructor who doesn't just tell you what to do, she challenges you to think, feel and understand what you are doing. Those of you who know me know that one of my favourite expressions is that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results. Something I find some instructors are guilt of doing- telling you the same thing at each lesson but not actually achieving anything long term! Gina definitely does not do this! She also recognises stiffness and muscle imbalances in the horse which cannot be corrected with riding alone and works closely with Pegasus, farriers and saddlers to provide a holistic approach.

Coming from a successful riding family with a mother who has recently judged at HOYS (working hunter 2016) she was brought up with a passion for horses and a

desire to learn more about the equestrian world. She is now putting all that knowledge to use as she has recently been made Master of the Anglesey Drag Hounds and starts her eventing career.

For more information about Gina Lomas Equestrian like and follow her on Facebook

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