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Hacking - why it's important for your horses health

Great point made by Gina Lomas Equestrian - Rider/Trainer/Coach- hacking out gives horses a break from schooling. Flat work and jump schooling and lessons can be hard work and intense for horses and ponies. They use the same muscles, do the same movements, on the same surfaces etc. which can lead to repetitive strain on the tendons, ligaments and joints.

Variation is the key! Hacking is so important for horses health.

Hack out on different surfaces, increase their cardiovascular fitness by taking longer hacks, give them a break from constant circle work in the arena. Also gives them and you different mental stimulation which can be vital when performance training.

If you're lucky and live near the beach or hills or a bridle path then take full advantage of the natural environment! Don't get stuck in a rut!

Even better also take advantage of the special offer of £50 for equine physiotherapy assessment with Pegasus Physio!

Horse hacking out
Hacking important for horses health!

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