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Pegasus Physiotherapy provides physiotherapy assessment and treatment in Wirral, Cheshire & North Wales.


With a strong background in sports all patients at Pegasus are treated like elite athletes. This means a thorough assessment, treatment that is specific to your needs and then rehabilitation which prepares you for either a return to sports or hobbies, or just being pain free day to day. The bonus is it happens in your home or work! No need to travel anywhere and find parking etc 

So many times patients have told me that after having an injury they had hands on physiotherapy treatment and some basic exercises and felt better BUT then went straight back to running or sports and either then had a long term niggle or kept breaking down. Or they felt good for a short period and the problem came back again and they needed to seek treatment again. That's not what the aim is... we want you not to need to come back for the same problem (its not a great business model but is much better for patients). 

Any injury doesn’t just affect the body site hurting, for example after a knee injury muscles above and below it can become weaker, you also lose some body awareness meaning that you then potentially move very different to how you did before you got injured. This then puts stresses through other structures and can lead to re injury or a new injury. We don't want that so will assess your general strength and movement control, looking at exactly what happens when you have symptoms or pain. There's no point doing basic strength exercises for a shoulder if your only problem is with the tennis serve or at the end of the golf swing.


After your physiotherapy session you will have a message sent with your exercises (of you doing them) to make it easy to follow the home exercise program. You can text or whatsapp with any questions and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 


We also offer employers a discounted rate for physiotherapy clinics in their workplace for employees, something which is becoming more popular as bosses know the importance of keeping their staff fit and healthy.

Contact us to discuss if physiotherapy is appropriate for you

Physiotherapy can help with:​

  • Pain during or after activity

  • Improving performance

  • Strength and conditioning

  • Movement analysis

  • Injury prevention

  • Post surgical treatment

  • Rehabilitation 

  • General MOT checks

  • Sports Injuries

  • Knee pain

  • Achilles tendinitis

  • Tennis elbow

Physiotherapy for runners

Chris Wallace

Can’t thank Jen enough for helping me get movement back in my shoulder. After only two sessions, I am able to move my arm to places it hasn’t been in over 3 years!

Highly recommended!!!

Stan Cottier

I had been struggling with hip pain for over 6 months and had been to other physio. Jen got to the bottom of the problem straight away. It was the muscles around the hip joint. Jen worked the muscles over good style. After 4/5 sessions, my hip is working so much better. Jen has given me a lot of excercises to keep working on . Fantastic.

Cat Mccan

Thank you Jen so much for today, I was really worried about seeing a physio but you made me feel totally at ease and in very capable hands. I can’t believe how much of a difference I feel already. I will definitely be recommending you

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